Auditory Scenes : A Concert for Empty Loft

A Concert for Empty Loft (2014)
Site-specific sound installation, 2014
Produced as side project of iD Town International Residency, Shenzhen, China.

In this special project, the artist presents his ‘concert’ for the empty loft of iD Town. Mutating the sound marks collected from Guanhu, the intention of this work is not only present sound in specific context and location, but also combing the listening process and the perception of the space altogether as coherent experiences. The loft, indeed, is a instrument corresponding the resonance of the sound. The work itself opens up a world that the audiences have their immersive and durational sonic experiences inside the space.

1. Keep your voice down or even don’t speak when you enter the loft
2. Try not to identify the sound sources
3. Enjoy the resonance of the sound and space
4. Be careful your steps, you should walk slowly.