Auditory Scenes : Auditory Scenes: Environmental Sonic Improvisation

Auditory Scenes: Environmental Sonic Improvisation (2008)
Field recording

Sound walk, field recording or phonography is not just a way to re-listening and re-discover the sound of a place; it is also a way for reproducing the sonic environment. To a certain extend, this piece was made by the improvisation of pointing with different direction of the location by the microphone. With a slowly movement of getting inside and outside of the sonic environment and the direction of the microphone, what we will listen is not just a purely sonic representation of the environment, but it is a slowly transformed progress, something happened within the environment. This work corresponds with French sound artist, Yannick Dauby talking about phonography: ‘It is about a practice during which the sound recordist will engage in a privileged relationship with an environment, through certain equipment. The result of this work, the final product, will therefore be a subjective point of view, a sensory experience that must take into account the position chosen by the sound recordist. Phonography does not allow us simply to present sounds, it requires us to present a specific hearing of those sounds. Through capturing the rehearsal of counting down for a film scene and combining the soundscape of an alley in Causeway Bay, this unedited field recording work presents certain kind of sonic illusion of how we perceive the event and the environment as coherent experiences as well as deliverying an unique listening experience.

Duration: 20’03

without Dubbing and editing.
Recorded on 31-12-2007, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.