Auditory Scenes : In Between the Distance

In Between the Distance (2013)
Dual projections with audio
Produced during the residency of Braunschweig Project, Germany 2012.

From February to May 2012, I was invited by Braunschweig University of Art (HBK) to do a residency in Braunschweig. It was my very first time traveling in Europe and the stay brought lots of inspirations to me spiritually and culturally. But something that is pretty hard to express are the emotion, isolation, solitude, nostalgia and romance associated with places I had been, which are unexplainable or even understandable. It probably is one of the key moments in my life that I really want to express and tell something anyhow…

In this audio and visual installation, I tries to investigate the personal nostalgia and experiences of traveling. Linking up with my solitude and my continuous missing about certain places and moments where I had been, the wandering of different places in visual and auditory materials constitutes a personal essay in reviewing the experiences and nostalgia.