Auditory Scenes : Sea Wall

Sea Wall
Sound installation, 2013

My long term concern on seascape is started with my sonic investigation of the western sea wall of Aberdeen, Hong Kong. What interested me most is not only I can hear the the ships passing by closely, but also the sonic quality of the ships: the sound of the engines, the echo of the engine, the underwater soundscape of the ships recorded by the hydrophone…For a resident of Aberdeen like me, the sound is the sound mark of Aberdeen.

This work is an on-going document the sonic landscape of the sea wall, shipping passing through between the sea wall and the residential area of Southern Horizon. By focusing the listening of the sound mark, the soundscape recordings will be transformed into the process of listening the sound marks. The listeners repeatedly perceive this type of sound marks and suggesting the grad- ual process of listening the sound as it is instead of tracing to the sources of the sounds.

More importantly, the project also conveys the dimension of how I react to the recordings, my per- ception and memories through the re-listening the completed recordings. By constraining myself with using straight lines, graphical documentations manifesting my reaction and my listening experiences of the re-listening process are produced.