Auditory Scenes : Seascape in the Dark

Seascape in the Dark (2016)
sound installation (sound, image, stone with coating, glass)

Artist Statement:

“The making of this work was started with my personal imagination of the seascape in the dark. This imagination is based on the memory— maybe they are ‘false memory’ — which is complexed, mixed, actual and yet at the same time, virtual. The departure of this work based on the intuition in responding with this. It reflects the process of constitution of seascape and with this process, the work tries to crystalize a personalized reading about seascape and expand this process to lived experiences.” — Edwin Lo


Continuing the exploration of what the artist practicing over past two years, the artist investigates further on the notion of seascape through the conjunction of materials, sound and text. The work further extend the phenomenological questions of what consisting the idea of seascape by the artist. How does seascape being constituted? What is the essence of seascape? From the abstraction and combination of different materials, the work tries to constitute the multiplicity of perception. With exploring the locational potentiality of the sonic and visual qualities of seascape, the conjunction of these materials in itself convey the process of interrogation between experiences, virtual memories, circuit of association with seascape.

Ocean in the Dark (sound installation / sound, glass with coating, stone with coating / 2016)
Shore in the dark (sound installation / sound, glass, stone with coating / 2016)
Lights in the Dark (Photographs / 40x30cm each / 2016)