Auditory Scenes : Traces and Scenes – Homage to Akio Suzuki

Traces and Scenes (sound installation, performance, text, video and photograph, 216)

Traces and Scenes conveys my personal encounter with the artistic practices of
Akio Suzuki since 2009. I realize that being in the audience of Akio’s concerts
has exerted some indirect influences on how I understand performance with
sound. These influences are subtle and not easy to recognize, and sometimes,
I feel they are hidden somewhere in the pool of my memories.

I still remember the first time I saw Akio’s performance in 2009. It didn’t
make any significant impact on me at first. But the more I experienced in
2010 and 2014, the more I accumulated understanding and appreciation of
the qualities of his touch: simplicity, energy and sensitivity. These experiences
are valuable to me as an audience and as an artist.

In 2015, in response to Karin Weber Gallery’s invitation to perform, I
started to think in a new way and plan to do a series of performative sound
installations. This was one of my artistic shifts since 2014: I felt the necessity
of presenting sound with not only computational methods in the performance
context. I was also inspired by the experiences I had with Akio. I felt I had
the courage to move on to a different level although it was not an easy step at
that time. The planning of these performances had been full of uncertainties,
but at the same time, I was amazed by the unexpected sonic phenomena that
resulted from them, which I enjoyed a lot.

It was also around this time that I made up my mind to work on this
exhibition as a process of tracing memories I shared with Akio. I found
some photographs I took of Akio’s performances and started writing about
sound, which allowed me to create a different sonic world with words. My
curiosity about working on sound as a writer, narrating certain actual and
virtual experiences, ambiguous or false memories, continues to grow. New
possibilities in presenting them are opened up.

I gradually sensed that this project would be different from the other projects
I had made in the past. I am now more inclined to produce works that are
interrelated and correspond with each other. The works in this exhibition
reflect my experiences of Akio’s performances as both actual and fictionalized.

They also manifest different stages of my thinking towards sound and convey
how sound as an idea can be constituted through performance, writings,
moving images and photographs.

This work cannot be completed on my own. I would like to thank
soundpocket and all of the colleagues. They spent lots of time and effort
working with different parties. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to
Solam, Alice and Yeung Yang. I also thank the curator of this show, Solomon,
for his sensitivity in curating the show and his significant contributions to it. I
would like to express my appreciation of Jeffrey’s graphic design. Meanwhile,
I would like to thank Akio Suzuki for the visits he made to Hong Kong. His
presence has influenced the younger generation of sound artists in Hong
Kong and he has given us encouragement to move forward. Lastly, I would also
like to thank Jessi for her help, her unconditional and spiritual support in the
production of my work.

Edwin Lo
30th May 2016

Work list:

Gestures of Seascape: Ap Lei Chai (sound intervention / site-specific performance /performance documentation in video, 2016)
The Traces and The Scenes (transparent scripts with video, 27mins, 2016)
Performances of Akio Suzuki (photographs, set of 6 2009-2014)
The Small Seascape: Ap Lei Chau (sound installation with glass, stones and transducers, 2016)